"10 Tonal Exercises" Volume 1 (harmonic)

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"10 Tonal Exercises" Volume 1 (harmonic)

The following exercises are specifically designed to target and help improve a few

specific areas of our playing. They are great to achieve finger independence, stretching and strength in the left hand, understand modal sequences and melodic motif transposition over the entire fretboard and develop creative ideas for polyphonic playing.

They are very useful for warming up before concerts and recording sessions and are rather enjoyable and fun to play. It is very important to pay attention to how they are notated and make sure we sustain the notes of all voices for their full value/duration.

For the purpose of this book all exercises are presented in the key of C major but I strongly encourage you to transpose and move to all 12 keys and also try them in different scalar systems; melodic minor, etc.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and discover a whole new side to practicing.

For more info please e-mail: hristo@hristovitchev.com

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"10 Tonal Exercises" Volume 1 (harmonic)

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